The #1 legal service provider in N.S.W., Vic. & S.A. for industrial deafness claims.

Our Mission

Hearing is essential for a fulfilling life, so we fiercely fight for every client's right to enjoy life without hearing loss constraints.

You can't change what happened in the workplace that caused your hearing impairment, but you can minimise its effects and be partly compensated.

We promise to work relentlessly until you receive the entitlements you deserve.

Why is Industrial Deafness Australia different?

Occupational deafness claims are the only area of law we practice in. We've had a laser-sharp focus on it for the last 20+ years. During that time, we've advocated for thousands of hardworking Australians who have suffered noise-induced hearing loss.

Far too many workers aren't aware of their rights regarding industrial deafness. Our objective is to be the voice of every worker who has suffered its consequences and positively impact their lives.

Our industrial hearing service relies on six core values:

Enriched by diversity

Our team's distinct backgrounds allow us to serve the unique needs of our clients.

Obsessed with the effortless

Our expertise has allowed us to create a hassle-free process for our clients. We won't overwhelm you with legal slang or intricacies – we'll get the job done.

Fiercely adaptable, constantly ethical

Industrial deafness regulations change quickly, and we evolve with them. You can rely on us to use the industry's best practices and always act in your best interests.

Unlock potential & create opportunities

We're the industry's longest-established industrial hearing service provider. Your case will be in the hands of the best legal experts and medical specialists sharing the same goal – reconnecting you with life's sounds.

We are always looking forward

We never allow our systems and processes to go stale. We aim to stay at the forefront of the industry through fine-tuning and adaptability.

Extraordinary care is our passion

The motivation behind our actions is our clients' well-being, not billable hours.

By staying true to these values, we put our clients first and ensure we can serve them to the best of our abilities. So far, our industrial hearing service process has proven itself highly effective and has improved many Australians' lives.

If you need a trusted partner on your way to fair compensation, we're here to help. Our commitment to you is that we'll use our expertise and knowledge to ensure you receive all your entitlements.