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Learn about the process for Industrial Deafness claims in N.S.W.

How Hearing Loss Compensation Works in N.S.W.

Many Australian workers are exposed to dangerous sound levels damaging their hearing. According to SafeWork, over 10,000 people have claimed compensation for noise-related ear damage in N.S.W. workplaces in the last four years.

However, many affected workers aren't aware they're entitled to hearing loss compensation. N.S.W. recognises noise exposure as a significant workplace hazard, so regulatory bodies have systems to ensure fair compensation for occupational hearing loss.

We're here to help you learn about those systems and help you submit a successful industrial deafness claim.

So, are you eligible for an industrial deafness claim?

N.S.W. imposes the following thresholds for lump sum payments:

  • If you've stopped working in a noisy workplace before 1/01/2002, you have the right to a lump sum payment if your binaural hearing loss is 6% or higher. Your compensation for each percent of hearing loss will vary between $520 to $650 per 1% binaural hearing loss
  • If you worked in a noisy environment after 1/01/2002, your binaural hearing loss must be at least 20.4% to receive lump sum compensation. The only exceptions are police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and coal miners, for whom the threshold is 6% binaural hearing loss. For every 1% of binaural hearing loss, you can claim between $700 and $1000

Regardless of when you cease work, you also have the right to a lifetime supply of hearing aids, with new devices every five years. In case you lose them, you're entitled to an immediate replacement. There is no hearing loss threshold to claim hearing aids.

Here's how it works and how we can help:

  • We'll arrange a consultation with one of our legal advisors, and arrange a hearing test with an audiologist.
  • If we believe you have a good case, we will seek legal assistance from I.R.O. to ensure you pay no legal fees from your pocket.
  • We'll gather all the necessary documentation and submit a claim for hearing aids and a Permanent Impairment Claim (if you satisfy relevant thresholds).
  • The insurer's doctor will assess the extent of your hearing loss.
    Note: This may not be necessary if you only seek hearing aids. 
  • If you satisfy relevant hearing loss thresholds, you will receive an offer for a monetary payment. If you don't find it acceptable, we'll schedule another examination with an independent medical specialist who will conduct the final assessment of your hearing.
  • You receive your compensation and hearing aids.

SIRA's role in workers' compensation claims for hearing loss in N.S.W.

SIRA is the N.S.W. government body that regulates personal injury compensation schemes. They oversee licensed insurers under the Workers Compensation Act. They also regulate medical and allied health providers in both schemes to ensure high treatment standards, with regulated fees to ensure sustainability.

With respect to hearing loss claims, SIRA monitors hearing service providers within the scheme, ensuring only appropriately qualified persons can dispense hearing aids and other rehabilitation services to injured workers. Through Hearing Aid orders, they have regulated fees for hearing aids, fitting costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Workers in N.S.W. receive excellent quality hearing aids updated yearly to ensure only the most modern hearing aids are prescribed.

Lastly, SIRA is also responsible for the training and accreditation of doctors who provide assessment services within the scheme. They create guidelines for doctors to follow to determine a worker's entitlement to monetary payments.

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