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Industrial Deafness & Hearing Loss Claims in New South Wales

New South Wales

Hearing Loss

The amount of compensation payable and the hearing loss thresholds to receive lump sum compensation varies depending on the date you were last employed in noisy conditions in NSW.

Clients who ceased working in noisy environments before 1/01/2002 require at least 6% binaural hearing loss before they are entitled to a Lump sum payment. Compensation varies from $520 to $650 for every 1% binaural hearing loss.

Clients who continued to be exposed to loud noise after 01/01/2002, require at least 20.5% binaural hearing loss before they are entitled to Lump Sum compensation. Exempt workers including firefighters, paramedics, policeman and coalminers only require 6% hearing loss in order to receive lump sum compensation. Compensation is payable from about $800 for every 1% binaural hearing loss.

Under NSW law, sufferers of industrial hearing loss are entitled to a life time supply of hearing aids. Generally speaking, you are entitled to hearing aids every 5 years for life, unless you lose them in which case they may be replaced immediately

Hearing aids must be approved by the relevant insurer before you receive them. Only approved hearing service providers may supply hearing aids.

You will not be charged any legal fees or expenses as they will be covered, upon accepted application, by the WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO), or in some cases, by the insurance company.

  1. Attend an audiologist arranged by us and consult with one of our lawyers.
  2. Attend a medical specialist who will assess your industrial hearing loss and complete a report for us.
  3. We prepare and submit a claim for you.
  4. If you qualify for lump sum compensation you will attend a medical specialist arranged by the insurer. If your claim is only for hearing aids, the insurer generally approves the claim without further assessment.
  5. If a lump sum claim is made and once you have seen their doctor;
    • The insurer makes an offer you find acceptable or;
    • You attend an independent medical specialist arranged by the Workers Compensation Commission for a final assessment of your hearing loss.
    • You receive your hearing aids and compensation (if applicable)
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