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Industrial Deafness & Hearing Loss Claims in South Australia

South Australia workers should receive compensation if they experience common symptoms of hearing impairment:

  • Are you having trouble listening and talking in normal and telephone conversations?
  • Do you need to turn the TV’s volume on high to hear the sounds well?
  • Have you been diagnosed or suffering from tinnitus?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, you are experiencing the early symptoms of occupational-induced hearing loss that can result in permanent damage.

You could be eligible for industrial deafness claims in SA, where you will receive a lump sum compensation and hearing aids

As experts in providing legal services for Australians deserving of entitlements for noise-induced hearing loss, we can help you through the claims process and the medical services needed for your case

We will arrange free online hearing test SA employees should take advantage of to identify if they’re eligible for hearing impairment claims.

Let us help you receive the maximum compensation for industrial deafness in SA that you deserve.

South Australia

Hearing Loss

A worker suffering from noise induced hearing loss is entitled to lump sum compensation if they have at least 8.8% hearing loss. Lump sum entitlements starts at about $1500 for every 1% loss of hearing.

Under SA law, you are entitled to life time supply of hearing aids. Generally speaking, you are entitled to hearing aids every 5 years unless you lose them in which case they may be replaced immediately.

At Industrial Deafness Australia we believe in advising all our fixed costs before we start a claim. Furthermore, we act on a no win, no pay basis.

Therefore, you will know exactly how much you will pay in legal fees, which will only be payable if you receive monetary compensation.

  1. Attend to an audiologist arranged by us and consult with one of our lawyers.
  2. You will see a medical specialist who will assess your hearing loss and complete a report for us.
  3. We prepare and submit a claim for you.
  4. Attend an independent medical specialist arranged by the insurer for a final assessment of your industrial hearing loss.
  5. You receive your hearing aids and compensation
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