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Industrial Deafness & Hearing Loss Claims in Victoria


Hearing Loss

The amount of compensation which is payable and the hearing loss thresholds necessary to receive lump sum compensation varies depending on the date you last worked in noisy conditions in Victoria.

For all claims where you ceased employment in noisy conditions after November 1997, you require at least 10% binaural hearing loss before being entitled to Lump sum compensation.

Compensation varies from $700 to $2,100 for every 1% hearing loss.

Under Victorian law, you are entitled to life time supply of hearing aids. Generally speaking, you are entitled to hearing aids every 5 years unless you lose them in which case they may be replaced immediately.

Hearing aids must be approved by the relevant WorkSafe insurer before you receive them. Only WorkSafe approved providers may supply hearing aids to Victorian workers.

At Industrial Deafness Australia we believe in advising all our fixed costs before we start a claim. Furthermore, we act on a no win, no pay basis.

Therefore, you will know exactly how much you will pay in legal fees, which will only be payable if you receive monetary compensation.

  1. Attend an audiologist arranged by us and consult with one of our lawyers.
  2. We obtain a report from the audiologist.
  3. We prepare and submit your claim.
  4. You attend a medical specialist arranged by the WorkSafe insurer.
  5. The insurer makes an offer you find acceptable or;
  6. If you are not content with the insurer’s offer, you can elect to be assessed by an independent medical specialist arranged by the State Medical Panel for a final assessment of your hearing loss.
  7. You receive your hearing aids and compensation.
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